Friday, October 31, 2014

Florida Modular Home Builder Takes Deposits and Disappears

The St. Augustine, FL Better Business Bureau has received has received six complaints since March 2014 from consumers alleging they have signed a contract with Better Built Homes, Inc and paid a substantial down payment without any work being completed or homes being left incomplete.

The BBB has tried numerous times to contact Better Built Homes but their has been no response from them, their voice mail is full and it appears that they are out of business.

The BBB received notice last week from a consumer who learned from his bank that the business is defunct. The consumer, who paid a $70,000 deposit for a home in June, is out a substantial amount of cash and has nothing to show for it.

There  website is packed with information and pictures gleaned from a lot of other modular home builder websites with no evidence that they actually built any homes. The website is a good example of what other builders should be looking for in new competitors in their area. If you find one that looks like the Better Built Homes site, take a few minutes and visit their offices and ask to see some of the homes they have built. If you get any resistance, maybe you should contact the BBB in your area and have them check them out. Help save a new home buyer from making a mistake and blaming the modular housing industry.

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