Friday, October 17, 2014

October Builder Breakfast a Real Eye Opener

This month's Builder Breakfast in Frederick, MD featured Tifanee McCall, national account manager for RWC's manufactured and modular home division, as the featured speaker.

Almost every builder in the US is required to offer a warranty with their new home but few actually know what it entails. The first thing Tifanee told us was that people shopping for a new home are put at ease when they see that the builder offers a warranty from a well known national company.

The next part of her talk was an eye opener for everyone attending. She explained who is responsible for what during the life of the warranty during which time you could hear a pin drop. Most of the builders at the table were not aware that simply saying they offered a home warranty was not enough to shield them from problems with the homeowner. They learned that a factory warranty from a national warranty company is not the same as a builder's warranty.

One of the modular home builders that attended this meeting wrote me:
"I have been with RWC for two years and found out a lot more today that I ever knew before!"

I expect Tifanee to get a lot of calls from builders asking how to improve their current warranties and how RWC and the builder can work better to protect the homeowner. She is available to answer your questions at or call her at 800-247-1812 ext 2132.

I want to thank Tifanee for her time and I will invite her back again for those that missed her this time. It is that important.

Be sure to join your fellow builders and factory folks for our next Builder Breakfast on November 19th in Frederick, MD. More info about this to follow soon.

And also look to join me for a series of Builder Round-Tables exclusively for modular home builders coming soon throughout the East Coast.

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Harris said...

While we sipped coffee, Tifanee gave a well sorted, easily understandable explanation of the innocuous "RWC" line item we builders pay for on each and every build. This insurance is far more than we realize!