Monday, October 13, 2014

One Quick Question Could Bring Extra Profit

You are talking to your customers about what they want in their new modular home and after listening to their wants and needs you ask what kind of car they own. Why? You tell them you just want to make sure the garage you are designing will be adequate for their current needs.

But what you are really asking is if one of them owns a specialty or exotic car such a new sports car or maybe a special car or boat that they like to tinker with. If they do, here is your opportunity to add options and yes, profit, to the sale.

Show them some completed garages featuring heavy duty flooring, pull down lighting, an exhaust ventilating system, heating systems and specialty cabinets. If they love their car, boat or other expensive vehicles so much that they invest extra time, talent and money into them, offering them an option before construction just makes it easier for them to get started tinkering once they move into their new modular home.

Contour Cabinets offers a great line of high performance metal cabinets designed for just this kind of new home buyer.

Here are some actual homeowner garages and a video of Contour Cabinets to show you that asking just a couple of questions could lead to a very satisfied customer who will refer you to other people that share their passion and also drop more profit to your bottom line.

Remember, someone is going to get a contract to build out their garage so why not ask if you can do it during their home’s construction?

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