Monday, November 17, 2014

A Video Every Modular Home Builder Should Try to Emulate

Isaac Lassiter, Principle at Cutting Edge Homes, uses video and social media like YouTube to get his message out to potential new home buyers.

Cutting Edge Homes

He sent me his latest, Is Modular Construction Right for You?, and as always, it is very professionally done and informative. This one however has something buried in it that I think every modular home builder should emphasis more with the home buyer. Not only does he present a great case for modular home construction, he also spends a little time explaining why designing and ordering a modular home requires more thought up front.

With just a couple of well chosen lines of script, he tells the buyer that if they are simply looking for a home that is inherent with change orders and "on the fly" construction, choose site building but if the customer is thoughtful about their selections and designs and their budget, there is no better way to go than modular.

A few simple lines and even I was beginning to ask why people would choose to go with site building. Nice video Isaac. Keep them coming.

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