Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blurring the Lines Between On-Frame and Off-Frame Construction

When the single and double wide people want to blur the lines between themselves and modular housing they twist things a little to make it seem that they are just about the same. The industry knows they're not but the unsuspecting new home buyer can be fooled.

Terms like manufactured housing, modular and prefab are now being be used by the HUD housing industry and unlike the original modular and prefab factories, the double wide folks are effectively marketing themselves as an alternative to modular housing.

On-Frame Manufactured Home

IF by some strange miracle the Modular Housing Industry were to come up with a word that would accurately describe what we are, it wouldn't be too long before the manufactured folks would come up with a similar term and blur the lines once again simply because they have an effective marketing machine.

Right now it looks like the new term for modular housing, given to us and marketed by the Mobile Home Industry, is off-frame.

Watch the video and be amazed by how this mobile home dealer blurs the lines.

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Anonymous said...

The first time I encountered the "ON FRAME" terminology was on a trip to Elizabeth City NC. I went there to look at getting involved in a sub-division. Due to the fact that the product was a cross between Manufactured and Modular, the ON FRAME product did not need a conventional foundation was you would in a modular and hence had a significant price advantage. We just walked away form the opportunity shaking our heads and trying to figure out how this could happen? Lie blurred and advantage goes to the group blurring the lines.