Friday, November 7, 2014

Every Modular Home Builder Has Shared This Kind of Day

Just got this email from a modular home builder in the Mid Atlantic region yesterday. If something could go wrong that could bring a modular home set to a screeching halt, it is the crane breaking down just after setting up to lift the boxes into place.

But like all successful mod home builders, he had to put on a happy face for the home owner that probably thought this is what happens at most modular home sets. Be sure to read the last line of his email.

Well, we got the boxes on the foundation yesterday. Started out with the crane breaking down in the yard. They got another crane from 2 hours away and still managed to be onsite at about the time we expected.
 The rigging guy from the one Semi fell off his flat bed when he was rigging a counterweight for the crane. He fell to the ground off the flatbed and broke his arm at the bicep level on his right arm. We had an ambulance and about 4 fire department paramedics/trucks at the site to help him. He had surgery this morning to put plates in his arm to connect the bones together. We only got about 4.5 hours of set in yesterday because the crane came from so far away he had to be back by dark and so broke down and left at 2:30.

That was yesterday. We had the boom truck show up today. It was raining when we got there and showed a bunch of rain coming at us for 4 more hours. We sent the crane and set crew home and it stopped raining immediately and hasn’t rained since.

Tomorrow is 65 and sunny with 0% chance of rain. We are going to go back at it tomorrow.
Overall, the Customer is thrilled with their house, life is good, and we will have set another house !  Just another day at the office!


The Modular Building Company Inc said...

Boy! Been there done that! My worst story was when I did my own house and my wife insisted on having a "set party"! Don't ever do that!

Anonymous said...

Got a call last week, Monday, at 4:48AM. Our crane was "stuck" at another job. They have another crane that will arrive between 9:30-10. Past 10:30 - where is it? Turns out it is a 220T monster. Brand new. They just got it. The only time they ever installed the boom onto the crane was upon delivery with the factory rep. Now they're in a restaurant parking lot 2 miles away fighting to get the stick in its yoke.

At 3:30PM we swing our first module and the set crew is ready to go home.