Monday, November 3, 2014

Internet Gives Home Buyers a Unique Option

When a young couple from Virginia began looking for a builder they turned to the Internet. Like almost everyone today, going there is the first place to begin a search for just about anything. What they discovered was the Express Modular website. They were sold.

After filling out the information sheet about what kind of house they wanted, their wonderful adventure began. Yes, Express Modular is a new home builder. Yes, they build in just about every state in the continental US and Yes, your first contact with them is through the Internet.

But that's where any similarities between them and other Internet modular home sellers ends. The folks at Express Modular were with them from helping design their custom modular home through the factory process, the set, the finish, service after they moved in and will make sure that building their first modular home is a rewarding experience.

The couple was so happy with their home that they sent over some pictures for me to share with anyone looking to build a new home.

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