Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NJ’s Zarrilli Homes Introduces Its “Coastal Living” Collection

When Anthony Zarrilli of Zarrilli Homes in Brick, NJ wanted to introduce a new line of homes designed specifically for the beachfront communities of NJ that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy two years, he found a willing partner to help him.

Zarrilli, one of the biggest modular home builders in NJ knew that just drawing some floor plans and printing up data sheets was not enough to showcase the new homes. He turned to his factory, Excel Homes in PA, for help with a marketing program.

What happened next is what a good relationship between a modular home builder and the factory can accomplish. Not only did both parties get together to draw plans for the new homes, called “Coastal Living”, they worked on developing a total marketing plan to ensure that it would be seen by anyone looking for a new home on the shore.

With a new banner, a brochure that can be downloaded and a marketing effort targeted to social media, Zarrilli Homes is just about ready to fully launch one of the best lineups of new homes I’ve seen in years for a specific geographic region.

Good luck Anthony. Keep building those beautiful homes.

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