Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shipping Container Restaurants Being Produced

As you already know, almost everything sold in the US is either made in China or parts and pieces are sent here from China to be assembled and packaged here so they can use the "Made in America" sticker.

If China based Phenix, a modular container manufacturer, has anything to say about the next big thing to be shipped to America, it will be container restaurants. They have already begun producing them for the Asian market but have plans to expand their reach to more markets, possibly including the US.

We have become a nation in love with Food Trucks. Now the kitchen part of that truck can be built in China and shipped here to be set on a chassis for a fraction of what a US made Food Truck would cost or simply mounted on wheels and towed behind a pickup truck.

Phenix already builds man camps, commercial projects and temporary housing from containers built in their factory so this is not a big leap for them. Maybe Sam's will carry them and spawn a whole new generation of Food Truck junkies here.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like blue homes folding walls is not so stupid