Tuesday, November 18, 2014

South Dakota's Newest Modular Factory

The recent oil boom in the Bakken Oil Fields has brought North Dakota a lot of publicity and prosperity.

But none of it would be happening without a company that's come all the way from Alaska to Vermillion, South Dakota.

"This is the beginning of it where the floors are built -- where there are wood floors or we're going to poor concrete floor," said Tom Golian, the Builders Choice Vermillion General Manager.

 Golian says the often unpredictable South Dakota weather has no impact on production. Inside the facility is 45,000 square feet of climate controlled space.

"These buildings will be picked up and moved every two weeks so we have to design the structure to take these things and take that kind of abuse," said Golian.

These constructed modular units are being built in Vermillion to house workers in the oil fields -- particularly in North Dakota.

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