Friday, November 14, 2014

The Reaction if West Coast Homeowners Just Tried a PA Modular Home

I know what you're thinking....what the heck is Modcoach getting at with article? Well, let me explain. Unless you live in a cave in Angola, you know that the vast majority of modular homes built in the East are one of three styles. Two story center hall Colonials, 3 bedroom Ranchers or Cape Cods with unfinished second floors.

On the West coast, with the exception of the Rancher, you will find a lot of 'prefabs' (West Coast term for modular) look radically different from their East Coast counterparts. Extreme energy efficiency, green, Lego looking houses are about all that are featured in the media when someone thinks of a home manufactured in the West.

It would be interesting if somehow home buyers in the West could try out a variety of PA manufactured modular homes before they chose their next home. Turns out that would be almost impossible.

It is possible however to let West Coast people try real PA food and gauge their reactions to what is available in the East. This may not be scientific but it is funny.  BTW, I was born and raised in Milroy, PA. and I grew up with all these foods.

To learn where a lot of PA modular homes are built, Click Here

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