Saturday, December 27, 2014

25 Most Popular Articles for 2015

2014 saw almost 400 articles being added to this blog.

A new series of Interviews was started this year and a couple of them were in the top 25. Lots of factory news made the reader's most widely read for 2014. There are also plenty of articles about sales, marketing, the Builder's Breakfasts and a couple awkward ones.

If you missed a few of them, you can catch up today.

Here are the two most popular articles for 2015:

Most Popular Factory/Builder Articles:

Most Popular General Modular Housing Topics:

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Wsbobbitt said...

Gary, you are to be commended on your coverage of the modular building industry. Reading your blog on a regular basis one can easily see the range of areas you cover. And your recap list of top articles for this year truly reflects the breadth of your coverage.

BTW, The articles on IBS and their continued investments in our industry, along with your reports on projects being developed by others, gives me hope for the industry's future.

I am eager to see more encouraging posts from manufacturers and developers indicating growth in, and rebuilding of, the modular industry.