Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Australia's QuickSmart Homes a Leader in Modular Container Construction

As I was looking for information about Granny Flats I came across a really unique factory. It seems that Quicksmart Homes has been reusing shipping containers for years and what they produce is nothing less than awesome.

Not only do they supply refitted shipping containers for use in the housing industry, they design and build them for hospitals, nursing homes, dormitories and apartment buildings. Because they interlock, they can be built up to 17 stories high with a tight fit.

They also make a line of single module homes called Quick Shacks that come complete and just need to have the utilities hooked up. It may sound like a manufactured home built to HUD specs but this little Quick Shack could probably withstand just about anything you could throw at it.

It makes a great Granny Flat. Because they are shipping containers, you could have one built in Australia and shipped to a port in the US ready for move-in. I looked to see if anyone is doing that right now and couldn't find an importer.

Dormitory Module

They do look like shipping containers from the outside but you would be hard pressed to tell once you go in.

Great company producing a nice product.

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