Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Automated Builder Magazine May be Coming Back

Yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with one of the best known people in the Systems Built industry, Don Carlson.

I remember years back getting excited to see my copy of Automated Builder in my mailbox and usually read it cover to cover that day. The demise of Automated Builder and the passing of Jerry Rouleau were a couple of reasons that I knew I had to write this blog for the modular housing industry.

Don told me that print magazines for our industry are probably not going to be as strong as they once were and that is why he is also going to present it in an online magazine format. He sent me this teaser of  the new look of Automated Builder.

I wish him the very best and hope we can all get excited again to see his magazine in our mailboxes once more.

If you would like to get in touch Don and either reminisce about the good old days of modular or get more details about his plans for Automated Builder, contact him by email at Don Carlson.


wsbobbitt said...

Coach, thanks for the information on Don O. Carlson. I hope your readers take time to email Don via the link you provided. I am sure he will enjoy hearing from subscribers, advertisers and others who enjoyed Automated Builder.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read this article in automated builder? It's so poorly written.