Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beracah Homes Uses Video Expertise to Market Their Homes

If you live on the Delmarva Penisula, you've heard of Beracah Homes. They serve the entire state of Delaware, the eastern shore of MD including Ocean City and the two counties of VA north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. Hence, Delmarva.

This gives them a very definitive market and allows them to ship and market in a very small but well populated area. It also allows them to spend their marketing dollars on great TV ads because they only have a few TV stations to choose from.

I love both of these 30 second commercials and I hope more factories and even builders join them in producing some ads of their own using these as a guideline.

And I really like the following YouTube video for two reasons. First they have discovered GoPro and drones and post the videos on their YouTube channel. Secondly, I lived about 30 miles from this factory for quite a while and love seeing the beautiful flat horizon leading to the shore.

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