Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Concrete Modular Homes Being Produced in Peru

I watched this video and visited the upcrete website and I'm not sure this would ever fly in the United States but I was fascinated by the innovation and thinking outside the box this company did when building a new home community in Peru.

Sometimes I get the feeling that the world is passing us when it comes to new methods of home construction. Watch the video and you might just agree:


Anonymous said...

Interesting application of slip form and tilt wall for modular production - several luxury homes in Orlando built using tilt wall and two projects for hotel using slip form or precast exterior wall molds in Puerto Rico. This would be an interesting project option for the hurricane coasts.

Anonymous said...

There are many different methods of construction available in the market place. One type of construction does not fit every situation and there is room for us all. The issue is not that we are getting passed by, but rather, the greater/traditional construction industry is determined for there to be no innovation or competition with what they have done for the last 100 years. It is not a matter of "educating the public" anymore, it is the realization, once and for all, that all facets of the traditional industry want any alternative to fail.