Thursday, December 18, 2014

Join Us in January for the Most Special Builder Breakfast Ever

Over the past three years I have had some of the most interesting people in the modular housing industry join us and speak at one of my monthly Builder Breakfasts. The builders and factory people that attend always learn something new about our wonderful industry.

Wednesday, January 14th at 8:00 AM
Holiday Inn Conference Center
5400 Holiday Drive
Frederick, MD, 21703

Attendance is limited to 25 people. It is a buffet breakfast.

This month I am proud to have Kylie Kuhns join us along with Tom Hardiman, Executive Director of the MHBA.

Kylie is the reason that the January Builder Breakfast is the most special one I've ever planned. Her father, Lynn Kuhns, is the owner and President of Apex Homes in Middleburg, PA. When Kylie's sister Kelsey passed away after a battle with Leukemia, she founded Kelsey's Dream, a foundation to help other children fighting cancer.

Before I tell you about Kylie's work with her foundation, I would like as many modular housing people that can to join us for the January Builder Breakfast on the 14th in Fredrick, MD.

As an incentive to join us, I am paying for everyone's Breakfast in exchange for you making a pledge to Kylie's foundation. I would like to challenge every person involved in our industry to help show Kylie what a great industry her father is part of and what we do to help others.

Reservations for the Breakfast are limited to the first 25 people to contact me at Free Breakfast, help a world class young lady with her cause and learn what Tom Hardiman says is going to happen in the modular housing industry in 2015. It will be a special Breakfast.

If you can't make it to the Breakfast, go to the Kelsey's Dream website and make a donation to this great cause by one of modular housing's family members.

Here is Kylie's story:

Kylie Kuhns founded an organization called Kelsey’s Dream to support children and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Her sister, Kelsey Kuhns was diagnosed with Leukemia at four years old. Kelsey’s family has always been incredibly involved in her fight. They showed tremendous support and love during an incredibly difficult time. 

Kelsey Kuhns
As a stem cell donor for her sister Kelsey, Kylie has always done everything she could to help her fight. Kelsey’s Dream was founded in 2007. After seeing what an impact this diagnosis had on their own family, the Kuhns’ founded an organization to support other families struggling with the same thing. Kelsey always encouraged everyone to keep fighting because failure was not an option. Kelsey passed away on November 1, 2005.

Kylie Kuhns with Hopper
Kylie followed her sister’s dream by creating an organization that would encourage others to continue fighting. In the name of her sister Kelsey, Kylie has been able to give other children the dream of her sister. Don’t give up, stay positive, and always keep fighting.

One of the most incredible projects of Kelsey’s Dream has been the development and distribution of Hopper the Cancer Crusher. This plush therapy toy was designed by teenage founder, Kylie Kuhns. Hopper wears hospital pajamas and a bandanna on his head. Hopper comes with a mediport similar to what these children receive during chemotherapy. He is a tool that allows the medical staff to explain the procedures and medical equipment that could otherwise be frightening and unfamiliar to the children. As a frog, Hopper allows an element of fun and comfort to join them in their journey. Hopper the Cancer Crusher has been delivered to over 8,000 children free of charge. Hospitals in 32 states are participating in this program. It only takes $500 to “Adopt a Hospital” and add them to this rapidly growing list. With every Hopper we are able to place, children, families, and medical staff members are encouraged to keep fighting. It is our dream to see Hopper placed in the arms of every child diagnosed with cancer.

Kylie has embodied the word hero to children across the nation. She has tirelessly pursued this dream with her family, community, and individually. She has accomplished incredible things personally including earning varsity letters in three sports; soccer, basketball and softball. She is Vice President of the National Honor Society and has been on honor roll freshman through senior years. Kylie has recently been named Young American. She has appeared on the Rachael Ray show and in USA Today and Fortune Magazine. Kylie will always keep fighting to encourage children in any way she can. Kelsey’s Dream is composed entirely of volunteers. Eighty percent of the 500 volunteers are youth. Through Kylie, Kelsey’s Dream can only grow bigger and spread more hope. To learn more about Kelsey’s Dream, visit or follow them on facebook or twitter.

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