Friday, December 5, 2014

LA's Skid Row Gets Slick Modular Apartment Building

The latest architectural spectacle to land on Los Angeles' infamous Skid Row looks like a concrete spaceship. Boxy, modular apartments rest against the concrete roof of what was once a low-rise, strip mall-style building full of wholesale Garment District shops. Its rooftop parking lot is now a launch pad for one of the most radical housing projects for the L.A.'s homeless, the Star Apartments.

A mass of prefabricated housing units—L.A.'s first multifamily prefab structure in decades—has been stacked above to provide permanent homes to the chronically homeless population these organizations aim to serve. A health center is available to any of the trust's 1,600 residents, with amenities like a jogging track and a community garden.

The units were built by Guerdon Enterprises and shipped into LA’s Skid Row.

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Here is the Star Apartments project from beginning to end.

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Liz said...

Great coverage! This project was also MBI's October Building of the Month: I hope we'll keep seeing great projects like this from the industry!