Friday, January 23, 2015

Blu Homes Gets Fantastic Christmas Present

Update 1/26/15: The Money Continues to Roll into Blu Homes

Blu Homes, the CA folding modular home company, has a history of getting huge sums of money from unnamed investors. I don't know how they do it considering they seem to be the only modular company that produces less than a hundred homes a year to have received well over $60,000,000 in investment money since their inception in 2008.

On December 24th, they reported they just received another $21,675,000 in investor money without disclosing how it would be used.

With all the money they have received previously and what they just got, that would be enough to buy almost every modular factory on the East Coast. So my question is why are they stockpiling all this money?

It certainly isn't to produce more homes to meet an overwhelming demand for their folding homes.

SEC Regulatory Filing

Just asking.


Anonymous said...

Coach, I don't understand this either. Why would prudent investors want to invest $100 million in Blu Homes when they really don't have much of a success rate.

These investors must need the tax write offs or Blu Homes' or the owners must be quite the snake oil salesmen.

Wsbobbitt said...


It is my understanding the Blu financial guru responsible for fund raising is the same person that "cut their financial teeth" selling the Brooklyn Bridge.