Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dreamline Homes Completes Another Dream Home

Just when you thought that Kris Megna and Dreamline Homes couldn't design and build a home nicer than the last I featured on this blog, he sends me a house they just completed in Needham, MA.

I feature a lot of Kris' homes because he sends me photos and I would love to feature your homes as well. All it takes is to send photos of your completed homes to modcoach@gmail.com and yours will be featured in an article along with a link to your website.

In the meantime, enjoy this home from Excel in Liverpool, PA and completed by Dreamline.


Liz Burnett, Communications said...

Dreamline and Excel are creating excellent, high end homes. They are featured this month as the Modular Home Builders Association's Home of the Month. Check out the photo tour here: http://bit.ly/HoMJan2015

Anonymous said...

What was the time frame from starting to build to completion?

Coach said...

Dear Anonymous,

There are several time frames. One is from the time you choose a builder and begin designing your home, then from the time your builder gets the approvals needed to build your home, the time from when your builder orders your home from the factory and it is delivered to the job site and finally the time frame from delivery until completed by your builder at your lot and he hands you the keys to your new home.

With the exception of having the factory being involved in the process, the steps are the same. It just takes a lot less time to go modular.