Thursday, January 8, 2015

Modular Home Factories Help Take the Mystery Out of Code Compliance

20 years ago when I was building new homes I never had to worry about all the regulations and codes that the residential housing industry has to face today. One of my biggest problems centered around making sure that the building inspector showed up when he/she said they would so I could proceed with the next step in completing the home. If this is all you had to worry about today I guarantee that most of you would be super happy.

Now energy conservation, green building, fire suppression and even air quality are topics that every new home builder, even the ones that only build one or two small homes a year, has to be in tune with or it could delay or even derail the entire project.

Now something called the IECC 2012 is coming our way. Just Google it, sit back and go numb as you peruse through article after article trying to explain the almost inexplicable. Google lists 393,000 articles about IECC 2012.

But when you go to videos about IECC 2012, the number drops to less than a 100. Here is one that may OR may not be of help when you face the IECC 2012. The reason I mention this is that modular home builders are at a definite advantage over their site built siblings. We have the factory engineering staff and the third party inspection services, like PFS, to make sure that we get homes designed and built to meet all of the newest codes and regulations. Can you even imagine a small time site builder sitting at his/her kitchen table and wondering who he/she could call if they have questions? Me neither.

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