Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recapping a Great January Builder Breakfast

UPDATED 1/17/15 
Kylie just informed me that the donations from the people attending the Builder Breakfast were enough to add another hospital with 25 Hoppers. Tip of my hat to you. What a great bunch of modular home industry folks.

It’s not often that we have someone join us to talk about something other than what is happening in the world of modular housing but today we did just that.

Kylie Kuhns was our first guest speaker. Her father, Lynn, owns Apex Homes in Middleburg, PA, a modular home manufacturer.

Kylie founded an organization called Kelsey’s Dream to support children and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Her sister, Kelsey Kuhns was diagnosed with Leukemia at four years old. Kelsey’s family has always been incredibly involved in her fight. They showed tremendous support and love during an incredibly difficult time. 

Kylie Kuhns speaking at the January Modular Builder Breakfast
One of the most incredible projects of Kelsey’s Dream has been the development and distribution of Hopper the Cancer Crusher. This plush therapy toy was designed by teenage founder, Kylie Kuhns. Hopper wears hospital pajamas and a bandanna on his head. Hopper comes with a mediport similar to what these children receive during chemotherapy. He is a tool that allows the medical staff to explain the procedures and medical equipment that could otherwise be frightening and unfamiliar to the children. As a frog, Hopper allows an element of fun and comfort to join them in their journey. Hopper the Cancer Crusher has been delivered to over 8,000 children free of charge. Hospitals in 32 states are participating in this program. It only takes $500 to “Adopt a Hospital” and add them to this rapidly growing list. With every Hopper we are able to place, children, families, and medical staff members are encouraged to keep fighting. It is our dream to see Hopper placed in the arms of every child diagnosed with cancer.

The attendees were moved by her story and determination to place Hopper in the hands of every child with cancer in every hospital in every state that we all pledged to help by making personal donations and by becoming advocates for Kelsey’s Dream.

I will have more information soon about plans to have our industry help her with her efforts.

Our second speaker was Tom Hardiman, Executive Director of MHBA.  Tom brought us up to date on the excellent progress MHBA is making in helping the modular housing industry move to the forefront in housing. Membership is up but more of you need to join. Doing the work he and his people do every day means that he has to have the entire industry behind him.

If you haven’t joined the MHBA, today is the day to do it. Most of the members are builders just like you, standing together and promoting our industry through the MHBA’s efforts.

The February Builder Breakfast is going to be another great one. Look for information about it on Monday. This will be one that you really can’t afford to miss.

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