Monday, February 9, 2015

9 Marketing Mistakes Modular Home Builders Make....And How to Fix Them

You are a modular home builder trying to get more prospective home buyers to look at what you build and hopefully call for an appointment. You attend Home Shows, have a Facebook page and even have signs on all your trucks and on every home you’re building. Is that enough?

It could be these marketing efforts are keeping your sales and contracts pipeline filled to capacity but like most new home builders, a full pipeline is about as likely to happen as winning the Powerball or finding a Unicorn.

Before just jumping at the offer of your neighbor’s teenage daughter to run your online marketing you need to know some areas where most people blunder in their efforts to market their company.

Here are many of the key areas where many modular home builders struggle when it comes to marketing:

1. Having an Online Presence
15 years ago, a business website was a novelty. Today, it’s expected. Considering 89% of new home buyers rely on a search engine to make purchase decisions, failing to have an online presence could result in being ignored.
Solution: When it comes to establishing a website and a social media presence, the best time to get started is yesterday.

2. Investing in Quality Web Design
58% of consumers have decided to avoid brands based on faulty or low-quality web design. Websites that look like they were built on Geocities aren’t kitschy, they’re unprofessional.
Solution: Immerse yourself in the principles of web design best practices to ensure your online presence projects the image you want or decide on a budget you can afford and look for a professional like Bevier Creative.

3. Building Landing Pages
You can never have too many landing pages. Research has found that companies that increase total landing pages from 10 to 15 generate 55% more leads.
Solution: Increase your total number of landing pages and targeting by tailoring your existing offers to more granular segments of your market.

4. Being on Social Media
79% of companies either have an active social media presence, or plan to implement one in the near future. Social media isn’t an optional way to reach out, it’s expected.
Solution: Don’t miss out on connecting with the over 1 billion consumers worldwide who have an active social presence! Establish a presence on major networks today.

5. Monitoring Social Media
42% of consumers expect a response from you on social media within 60-90 minutes. Too many small modular home builders make the mistake of thinking social media is a 9-to-5, or even worse, several hours a week kind of job.
Solution: While few builders have the budget for a dedicated social media manager, monitor Facebook and Tweets and comments at least twice daily.

6. Performing Competitive Analysis
Modular home builders can’t ignore their competitions’ pricing, marketing, or products. Not convinced? Consider the fact that your prospects can learn all they want to know about alternatives with a simple Google search.
Solution: Analyze your competition’s online strategy and website performance using resources like Alexa, and improve accordingly.

7. Answering Customer Questions
96% of first-time website visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase. They’re gathering information, and performing preliminary research. Too often, companies of all sizes fail to map their content marketing strategy to real questions.
Solution: Work with modular factory’s sales person to develop a comprehensive list of the questions prospects ask most often, and use these as the primary basis for your website and social media sites.

8. Investing Enough Time in Social Media
It’s easy to push publishing engaging content on social media channels and going the extra mile to engage with prospects to the back burner. It takes about 32 hours a month to manage a presence on one social network correctly.
Solution: You might not have the time to be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram, so don’t. Pick fewer social media networks, and truly be present.

9. Generating Customer Referrals
65% of new business comes from referrals. It’s tempting to focus on capturing the interest of new prospects, and ignore your best lead sources in the process.
Solution: Actively work to reward your current clientele for every qualified referral.

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