Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Atlantic Modular Builders Joins the "Hopper" Challenge

Terrance Hegel, the owner of Atlantic Modular Builders in Manasquan, NJ, has been building modular homes along the coastal areas of NJ for about 10 years. As an Excel modular home builder, he is able to give his clients the total custom home they want.

He and his staff have answered my “Hopper” challenge and sent over pictures of some of the custom modular homes they have completed. I will be donating a "Hopper" to Kelsey's Dream in the name of Atlantic Modular Builders.

To be honest, I have to stop showing pictures like these to my wife as she not only wants every one she sees, now she wants to consider moving to NJ. 

Here is my challenge to every modular home builder!

I will donate one Hopper to Kelsey's Dream for pictures of a completed home a modular home builder sends me. A Hopper will be donated in your name. It takes 25 Hoppers to sponsor a new hospital and I will donate Hoppers in your name until we reach that goal. One hopper per builder. 

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Anonymous said...

Great curb appeal on all the houses, nice job!