Monday, February 23, 2015

Clayton Homes, "America's Largest Homebuilder" is Total Spin

Clayton Homes, a Berkshire Hathaway company, sent out this press release recently. If you think politicians are the only ones that can spin things, this PR will show you that the manufactured housing industry, which is now just a shell of what it was in its glory days, can hold their own when it comes to manipulating facts.

Their research company talked to exactly 547 people. 547 people are about the number people that live in my 3 block area in my town. I would bet that a lot of them were interviewed while at a Clayton Homes street lot looking at double-wides. The biggest part of the spin comes when they constantly mention 'customizable options' implying that their homes can be custom built to a customer's plan when in reality they mean that the homeowner can have either a 70" flat screen or a 60" BBQ grill free when they turn over their tax refund as a down payment.

Clayton Homes Spokesperson

The video featured below really doesn't say anything special but it sure looks 'purdy.'

The real problem with this however is that there is absolutely nothing promoting Modular Housing on a national scale to show anyone looking to build a new home.

Here is Clayton's Press Release. Be sure to read what the asterisk * defining what "America's Largest Homebuilder" really means. It's shocking.
Clayton Homes, America's largest homebuilder*, has produced an exclusive "Millennial Homebuyer Research" report focusing on the attitudes about manufactured homes, particularly as they relate to millennials and first-time homebuyers.  This study was conducted by Hanover Research in September 2014 and includes the responses of 547 participants.
 The research results conclude that as the millennial generation matures and improves its buying power, it will become one of the most influential market segments in the housing industry. Companies that build, rent and sell housing will need to cater to this emerging generation in order to stay relevant in the coming years.  This fact, coupled with the overall attitude change in home buying after the recent housing crisis, has forced homebuyers to think differently about their future investments.
 "People today expect more customizable options and upgrades when they are looking at housing options," Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton said. "They are not only focusing on a home that is affordable, but one that fits their personal wants and needs."
 This research conducted by Clayton Homes shows that the millennial generation is unlike others when it comes to their housing wants and needs. Comprising 80 percent of first-time homebuyers, millennials are drawn to value above all other product perks. Quality and customization are worth the extra costs, as long as they can get a home tailored to their lifestyles. Some takeaways from Clayton's survey include:

  • Forty percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18-34 (millennials) plan to buy a home within the next four years, creating a huge new pool of potential homebuyers.  Millennials are more likely to consider manufactured housing than non-millennials.
  • The millennials surveyed are less concerned about the size of their home as compared to previous generations. They look for smaller, more-efficient spaces, but want those spaces to have design accents and the latest technology. Check out the Next Generation Infographic video.
  • 91.1 percent of homeowners surveyed consider energy efficiency extremely important.  Compared to older site-built homes, the modern manufactured home is much more efficient, and Clayton Homes offers ENERGY STAR® certified homes as an additional step to home efficiency.
 "Homeowners today are looking to invest in value, but expect to get all of the modern upgrades and features as well," Clayton said. "Because of our affordability, focus on energy efficiency, customizable features and world class customer service, Clayton Homes is set to open doors to homeownership for many years to come."

* America's Largest Homebuilder in 2013 as of June 12, 2014, based on a comparison of the number of manufactured homes sold to the number of site-built homes sold as reported by and the number of manufactured homes shipped as compared to all other manufactured home manufacturers as reported by the Manufactured Home Institute.


Anonymous said...

Not sure who or why they put that video together, but if it is meant to help them sell more homes - the person(s) responsible should be fired!

Anonymous said...

HMMM- the video points out some valid points about the demographics and design features. Modular factories need to not only say they are better but prove they are better with deigns and features sought by the two major demographics because the on site builders are listening. Clayton may not be King in New England but below the Mason Dixon the are hitting the market at pricing that meets the economic needs of the buyers.