Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coastal Modular Group Chosen for New Episode of ‘Break Neck Builds’

Eco Building Products, Inc. announced that filming took place last week with DIY's Break Neck Builds TV and Coastal Modular out of New Jersey. With a focus on modular construction, Eco Red Shield Advanced Framing Lumber was selected for this project as the framing lumber of choice.

Rich Durik, President of Coastal Modular Group stated that "We are pleased to announce that our recent 5,000 square foot custom home in Bay Head, New Jersey was built with Eco Red Shield Advanced Framing Lumber. The inherent protective benefits and the incremental cost difference from traditional raw lumber made the decision to build with Eco Red Shield very easy for us. We have embraced defensive building practices and Eco Building Products, a decision made well in advanced of this reality TV show, and we look forward to many more projects utilizing the Eco Suite of Products.”

Steve Conboy, President & Chief Executive Officer of Eco Building Products, Inc. stated that "The producer of Break Neck Builds TV approached Eco inquiring if we knew of any reputable residential modular companies that would like to be involved in their reality TV show. We introduced them to Coastal Modular Group even though we knew this show was not about our brand because our effort is focused on supporting our Certified Defensive Builder network with media.

Coastal Modular Group turned to Durabuilt Homes in Selinsgrove, PA to build the home for this special project.

It will be crystal clear when this show airs, that this home was built with Eco Red Shield Advanced Framing Lumber. Whether it be national exposure via Reality TV or something as simple as a real estate yard sign posted in front of a job site screaming "ASK US WHY IT'S RED", our approach is producing results supporting the Company's business plan. We support our builder and supply partners with strategic marketing and media, exposing their business and decision-making process toward using a defensive protected lumber product, and this show serves as another great example."

Eco Building Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of treated wood products that are protected against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects and termites by our proprietary eco-friendly chemistry utilizing ECOB WoodSurfaceFilmTM and FRC™ technology (Fire Retardant Coating) leading the world on Defensive Innovations through the implementation of defensive building practices.

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Anonymous said...

Love the show!!!!! Having been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years, I understand that the narration of the show is mostly intended for the general audience, not knowledgeable of construction.
There are many of us who are thoroughly familiar with construction techniques and terminology and are just as motivated to watch this show and marvel at the process.

That said, please have an construction knowledgeable editor write the narrative script using the correct words....

"Cement" is the paste which binds and hardens the the components of "concrete".
Crews "Place" concrete in the forms.
Concrete "Cures" in the forms... etc.

Thanks for a great show, but proper usage of terms would sound better.