Friday, February 6, 2015

Express Modular Steps Up to the "Hopper" Challenge

I'm not sure many of my readers know where Deep Creek Lake in MD is located but it is a year round vacation destination in the western part of the state. Express Modular recently completed this chalet there and sent over a ton of pictures. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home features an open floorplan which is perfect for a home near the lake.

Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

This home built in the Mod-U-Kraf factory and completed by Express Modular is the latest to take up my ‘Hopper’ challenge.

Here is my challenge to every modular home builder!

I will donate one Hopper to Kelsey's Dream for pictures of a completed home a modular home builder sends me. A Hopper will be donated in your name. It takes 25 Hoppers to sponsor a new hospital and I will donate Hoppers in your name until we reach that goal. One hopper per builder. 

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