Thursday, February 19, 2015

February's Breakfast Speakers Presented the New IECC 2015 to Modular Builders

I really didn't know what to expect when David St Jean and Joe Nebbia agreed to speak at this month's Builder Breakfast but apparently the factory people and the builders that attended knew.

David St Jean is the LEED AP, BPI Building Analyst, Energy Efficiency Program Manager, Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) and Joe Nebbia currently provides technical consulting and program management support to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program.

They spoke about the changes and upgrades of the IECC 2015 code that was implemented in MD in January.

Their presentations clearly showed what builders and modular home factories selling into MD should expect and how to comply with the new energy regulations. These men are charged with working with MD code enforcement agencies across MD to make sure that every code officer understands the energy code. This is a huge undertaking as many of the local code enforcement people, not only in MD, but in most states don't understand the IECC 2009 code let alone the 2015 code.

Modular homes shipped into MD comply with it already while site builders, as usual, will be given a grace period to implement it. Score another one for modular.

Here are some of the handouts from this month's Builder Breakfast that goes a long way to show what is required for each of the code release dates.


Anonymous said...

Coach, could you provide a link to download and print the handouts for MD?

Coach said...

The handouts were printed. To copy them, just save them from my blog.