Thursday, February 19, 2015

Huff and Puff...Modcell Straw Bale Prefabs are Here

Leave it up to the British to invent straw bale prefab homes.

Cue up the jokes about huffing and puffing, there have been so many since these seven houses were put up for sale in Shirehampton, a suburb of Bristol, England. Straw bale is usually the preserve of self-builders (the British term for DIY homebuilders).

Developed by Modcell, this system is already in use. Now we just need to find 3 little piggies in the US to build them.

These houses look pretty much like all the other boring brick houses in the district, but are much more energy efficient and quiet inside. And as Matt Hickman notes at MNN, "It would take an extraordinary force of nature to blow one of these straw-stuffed brick abodes down."

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