Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Large Site Builder Introduces Next Generation Zerohouse

KB Homes, one of the nation's largest and most recognized homebuilders, continues its leadership in the important area of sustainability with the debut of its second Double ZeroHouse in California at its Fiora at Blackstone community in El Dorado Hills.

Leveraging its relationships with industry-innovators SunPower, Whirlpool Corporation and Ford, KB Home has upped the ante with its latest Double ZeroHouse 3.0, the first net-zero KB home with renewable energy generation and storage capabilities provided by SunPower; high-tech and energy-efficient products from Ford's MyEnergi Lifestyle™ initiative; and a fully-integrated, network-connected home experience with resource-efficient, state-of-the-art appliances from Whirlpool Corporation.

Like KB Home's previous ZeroHouse 2.0 models, the Double ZeroHouse 3.0 at Fiora is designed to achieve net-zero energy usage — the result of a whole-home approach to first reduce the energy load of the home by incorporating advanced features and systems like increased insulation; upgraded HVAC units; high-performance windows; and LED lighting.

High-efficiency SunPower solar panels mounted to the roof are designed to serve the home's total electricity demand with clean, renewable solar power. Notably, the Double ZeroHouse 3.0 at Fiora is among the first KB homes also equipped with innovative energy storage solutions provided by SunPower. The advanced systems extend the solar system's existing capabilities by storing excess solar power generated during the day for use in the event of a power outage.

The KB home earns its ‘Double' ZeroHouse title through its dual emphasis on water as well as energy efficiency. The WaterSense® labeled house is equipped with an integrated home water and energy recycling system called the "eWater Recycler," by Nexus eWater. Warm grey water, which studies have indicated may account for two out of every three gallons of indoor water, is normally treated as waste and sent straight to the sewer. The eWater Recycler recycles the energy in this warm water and treats the water on-site for reuse in non-potable applications. In the case of the Double ZeroHouse 3.0 at Fiora, the eWater Recycler will supply recycled drainwater to all of the home's toilets, meaning they will use zero freshwater in a household of four or more, and recycled energy to heat the home's fresh water.

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