Saturday, February 14, 2015

Site Builders Finally Lose Out to Modular Construction

When the Prince Albert, Canada, Parkland Health Region issued bids for a three story, 22 unit apartment building near Victoria Hospital, the specifications called for the building to be “comprised solely of prefabricated modular units.”

Now that the January 30 deadline for bids has passed, the local Prince Albert Construction Association, composed exclusively of site builders, hopes that nobody won the bid.

In a letter to the Health Region, the builder association is crying foul. Here is a excerpt from their letter.
 “The tender has eliminated all local general contractors, subtrades and suppliers in the Prince Albert region because of the criteria listed in your tender documents,” a letter to the health region from the association reads.
These criteria include the specifications that only those who specialize in modular housing units, have experience in at least 1,000 units of multi-family modular construction and the proviso that the prefabricated modular units be built indoors.

The request for proposals also limits “the possibility of other innovate and cost-saving solutions to be presented,” the letter cautions.

I have a feeling that as more developers ‘discover’ modular construction, the days may be numbered for a lot of site builders. Too bad guys.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to the modualar factories in western Canada who lobbied for and acheived a sole source contract. Best wishes for a successful conclusion.