Monday, February 16, 2015

Social Media Marketing Vs Content Marketing

As I look through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites I find a lot of modular home factories and builders jumping in with both feet. They either copy a link from someone’s website, upload some pictures or maybe as a last resort actually write something that fits in 140 characters.

In most cases they try to link back to their website. This is social media marketing. It doesn’t try to market to a particular demographic. It doesn’t care who views it. It doesn’t even care if it actually brings potential new home buyers to the website. The main concern of social media marketing is NUMBERS.

How many ‘Likes’ did it add today? How many comments did it get? These numbers are used to gauge what? You can buy Likes. You can add your own comments. The real question you should be asking that 20 something “Social Media Manager” you hired is how many hits did your site get from all these efforts and how long did they stay on your website once they got there? Fat chance on getting any answers to that question.

Content Marketing on the other hand is the nitty-gritty stuff found within your website. If the objective of social media marketing is attract people to your website, then you have to have something that jumps out for them to find when they do.

What they tend to find instead are those old mainstays of web design:
  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Floorplans
  • Pictures
  • Contact Us
Every modular factory’s website is the same. Some are fancier than others but when it all comes down to it, they all have the same five categories in the same order. After scouring three or four factory websites, the visitor knows all they have to know about modular housing but they really haven’t come away with any excitement, any real desire to contact you and set up an appointment to talk about their new home.

This is where Content Marketing steps in.

In content marketing, modular factories and builders must produce longer-form, higher-quality content and build audiences on their own site — they must become true media publishers. But the rewards and results are, arguably, more powerful.

You can engage more deeply with their customers through content marketing efforts.

And by driving visitors to your website using social media, you have a greater opportunity to gain leads and move them down the conversion funnel. 

This is something totally foreign to most modular factories. It involves time and money, things that few factories and even fewer individual builders can afford.

But it doesn’t have to all happen at once. Sit down with your staff, your spouses, your neighbors and friends and ASK them what would make them stay on your site a little longer. Then begin creating and adding small bits of these suggestions to your website on a regular basis until you actually have people staying longer and setting appointments.

Sorry, adding porn like your brother-in-law suggested will not work.

Today, you need both a Social Media Plan and a Content Marketing Plan. They are not the same but they need each other to help you build sales.

Both of these come under the general Marketing Plan this old boy has been preaching about for years.

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