Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Founder of Kelsey's Dream Named to The Prospect's 20 Under 20 List

When the modular housing industry learned about a great cause founded by Kylie Kuhns, the daughter of Lynn Kuhns, the owner of Apex Homes, we began supporting her efforts. Now The Prospect, a college life website, has named her to their "20 under 20" in the US.

Here is her story as told by The Prospect:

A lot of people talk about how kids are “the future” and that the fate of the world will rest in their shoulders in a couple of years. But why should young people have to wait a decade or two to start making things happen? Why not start that cycle now? As promised in December, we have compiled a list of incredible individuals, all 20 years of age or younger, who are changing the world and making the most of their lives, even if they’ve only been on this planet for two decades or less.

What was the criteria for picking out these people, you ask? As we mentioned in our call for nominations last month, there were a few key things:

  • All people mentioned are 20 years old or younger (we also gave a little leeway to people who turned 21 within the last 5-6 months or so).
  • We specifically looked for people who had not yet been rewarded by tons of mainstream media outlets for what they’re doing. Basically, we wanted to find new rising stars!
  • We looked for people who’ve been doing what they’ve been doing for a while. It’s hard to start an enterprise; it’s even harder to keep it going for months and years to come.

Here is Kylie Kuhns' story:
Kylie Kuhns, The Cancer Crusader
 When her sister, Kelsey, was diagnosed with leukemia, Kylie Kuhns donated bone marrow to help treat her sister. Unfortunately, Kelsey lost her battle when she was only 12 years old. To keep her sister’s memory alive, Kylie founded Kelsey’s Dream in 2007, an organization with the mission to serve children in need, especially those battling cancer.
Kylie has started numerous programs with Kelsey’s Dream, including the creation of a therapy toy, Hopper the Cancer Crusher. Hopper is a plush, soft character to ensure comfort during children’s medical procedures that Kylie has been developing over the past 2.5 years. This not only serves as a similar companion to children, but Hopper also acts as a liaison between doctors, parents, and children. Hopper also provides an age-appropriate explanation to siblings or friends of patients to better understand treatments.

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