Saturday, February 28, 2015

Watch the Future of Robotic Affordable Modular Housing

When we talk about the future of modular housing, Dwell and other architecturally themed publications push the square box designed by underemployed Architects looking for a 'one off' house that can be built on a production line in a factory. Almost all of them fall flat on their collective faces after finding a factory that will actually build their designs and selling one or two. Too much work for the return.

But when Thailand's  SCG Heim builds a modular box they do it just like an automobile, in an automated factory and set with the same precision as a Lego building.

Here a couple of videos showing the factory production line and the actual set. I can't believe that someone hasn't stepped up and begun creating these perfectly built homes in the US.

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Anonymous said...

I find this post totally disingenuous. On the one hand you dump on the people trying to change the modular industries image and on the other you show something that is unattainable in the US because of the prices we insist on paying for our housing. There are so few factories that build with steel in the US and none of them can do it for a price point that makes sense for residential construction.

The European system of cross laminated wood is much closer and much more attainable for US residential construction then welded stainless steel framing and I don't see you talking about or it making any inroads south of the Canadian border.

So while I found the video sort of interesting the question of why there is no one doing this in the US is not hard to fathom.