Saturday, March 14, 2015

Becoming a Builder Differs From State to State

When I was a General Contractor building homes in PA in the '80-'90s, all I had to do to was register with the state and tell them what company carried my Workmen's Comp and Liability insurance.

Oh, How  times have changed...or so I thought.

I checked again to see what is required to be a General Contractor in PA today and was shocked to see that nothing has changed. Check out this page from the PA website stating what is needed to be a new home builder:

The only type of contracting you need an actual license to do there is for Home Improvement and Crane Operator. Click Here to see the 7 page application to become a home remodeler and once again...NO TEST required.

Then I looked into what a New Home Builder in Florida needs to get a license and found that they are tough about who can build homes in their state.

First they require a big application completed including financial statements, proof of all insurances, a 16 hour test and purchase of tons of books at a cost of over $1,200! Any score below 70% fails and you have to take the entire 16 hour test over again and pay again.

Click Here for the link to their 16 page form just to take the test!

And then you have to buy these books and have a working knowledge of them but it is a open book test.

This is more than I could ever do.

Let us know what your state requires!

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