Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blogger Wants to Stifle Modular Construction in Britain

Problems facing modular construction's acceptance not only happen in the good old USA, it happens across the pond in jolly old England. This blogger writes in the British Builder Merchant Journal that modular people are spreading lies about their products.

Take a few minutes and read this blogger's article that wants modular removed from England and replaced with the same building methods they have been using since straw thatched roofs were popular there.

Here is the article:
Mark Oliver is the Managing Director of a domestic aircrete systems manufacturer, it will come as no surprise that I am not in favor of the Government's push towards offsite construction, the vast majority of which is likely to be imported. It makes me fearful because I don't believe that prescribing any particular build methodology will solve the housing crisis. 
In recent weeks Brandon Lewis, the Housing and Planning Minister, has become increasingly vocal when it comes to offsite, modular and prefabricated construction. The terminology used has been hard hitting and, particularly for those who are less informed, could be misleading. 
Phrases such as 'dramatically speed up the development of new homes' and 'can build homes in weeks, rather than months' could lead one to believe that this 'advancement in technology' is the answer to all of our prayers. However, the reality is very different and Government promoting offsite construction could have the unintended consequence of actually slowing down the rate of house building. 

CLICK HERE to read the entire Builders Merchants Journal article

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