Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cutting Edge Homes Uses YouTube to Personalize the Granny Pod

I am often critical of what modular home builders put on social media saying that few new home buyers want to see pictures of a modular home covered in plastic being hauled to a jobsite.

However, Cutting Edge Homes used the arrival and set of a Granny Pod in California to show families needing to care for a loved family member just how easy it is to have a special home placed on their property even when you didn't think it could happen.

Now this is a good video to showcase how to win over the buyer when the need for personal care for someone requires a separate living space.

Tip of the hat to Cutting Edge Homes!


springcreek said...

Great piece! I am definitely interested.

Unknown said...

What a great video clip that is. It is so neat to see a family bond through the placement of a new house. Companies like that are providing more than a house. They're providing a home, which is less physical and more emotional and spiritual in nature.