Monday, March 9, 2015

Modular Home Factories Almost Ready to Do the Happy Dance

Neither rain nor snow will keep the postman from making their rounds but it’s a different story when it comes to modular home factories in the Northeast.

This winter has seen record cold and snow hitting almost every state in the New England and Mid Atlantic areas. This has clogged up the modular housing system worse than my arteries after eating at a Chinese buffet.

But today the modular factories are ready to begin shipping the modules that have been stranded in their lots for weeks. Well almost ready.

The snow may be rapidly disappearing but the ground is still frozen. The warm weather will soon turn frozen earth into sinkholes of mud. Trucks will get stuck, cranes won’t even attempt to make it the set and worse, the poured and precast foundations so popular in the Northeast still can’t be put into the ground.

So while the factories are seeing robins and bluebirds on the horizon, many builders are seeing snow geese replaced with mud hens.

A lot of the factories are like race cars drivers at the starting line waiting for the flag to drop so that business can get back to normal.

Let's hope that the trucks start flying out of the factory yards soon and builders in the Northeast can once again make some money.

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