Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Seeing is Believing - Site Built vs Modular Construction

On a whim I began looking for some videos depicting how a site built McMansion and a modular McMansion are built. The videos are very good for both but while watching the site built home being constructed, I saw OSHA violations and the use of very young and I have to presume college boys home for the summer looking to make some money. Skilled craftsmen? Probably not.

There were also a lot of deliveries to the site built home. Every stick of lumber, every door and window and every other component had to be delivered by truck. Then there are the dozens of workers pickups making the trip to the jobsite every day. No matter how green the house is, the fossil fuel wasted for all these trips had to offset any carbon exchanges for decades.

The modular home video is a 5,600 sq ft McMansion from Westchester Homes in NY. Third party inspectors in the factory, long time employees, no rain or snow, safety first working conditions and no delivery trucks coming and going into the factory.

Oh, almost forgot to mention this. I've included another stick built McMansion that shows a timeline with it. This was my favorite.

Set aside about 30 minutes and watch them all or save them and watch of them you have a few minutes to spare.

If this doesn't convince your prospective customer to go modular......

Site Built

Stick Built

Modular Construction


Anonymous said...

Are the Big Mac mansion still alive?

Unknown said...

Weaver Company is a sizable well run professional organization.
The founder of Weaver Co is a close friend of mine and is very interested in the success of my company and visited with my team a few times. He also was involved in the start up of the Superior Walls. He clearly understands the need for system built houses.
the OSHA violations that you point out are no different then what I see in our industry. We ALL need to be concerned about the safety of our employees and work towards being OSHA compliant in all we do.
We all need to make an effort to reduce adversity toward our future customers who are participating in supplying 96% of the houses to the market

Kevin Hahn
Durabuilt Custom Homes

Jimmy Ball said...

Westchester Modular remains one of the higher quality modular builders in the US.