Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There is More to Modular Construction Than You Realize

If you build modular homes you’ve had potential home buyers sit across the table and ask what is so different about modular that would make them want to go with you.

You answer with the usual things like:
  • They are built in a factory where it never rains
  • The home is about 80% complete when it arrives
  • It is built by long term skilled craftsmen
  • Quicker lead time to get into their new home
and maybe a few others.

But there are things about buying a modular home that many builders overlook and/or just take for granted.

One of the biggest benefits of going with a modular home is what goes into preparing it for production and that falls on the modular factory, the biggest ally you have. You have this huge advantage over site builders from day one simply because you chose to go modular.

Here are some of the advantages your modular factory gives you:
  • No need to do take-offs, plumbing and electrical layouts.
  • No need to worry that your home will pass all national, state and local building codes.
  • A Skilled labor pool that shows up every day.
  • No haggling over subcontractor pricing on 80% of the home.
  • A warranty from the factory for what they produce
  • A service department that responds to your calls
  • An engineering department at your disposal
  • Quotes and re-quotes at no charge.
  • Preliminary drawings to show your clients
  • Redraws and final stamped plans
  • Third party inspections
  • A trained sales staff
  • A production supervisor for your home while in the factory
  • Tour guides if your client wants to see the factory and/or see their home on the line.
  • A direct line to the owner.
  • Display materials, sales brochures, plan books and some factories even offer you a website.

All this happens at no additional cost to you and without you having to worry that it is being done. Some of these items will be of little or no interest to your clients but they should be important to you as these are areas that you don’t have to do yourself.

I almost feel bad for the site builder that is trying to build 10-20 homes a year as he pays his staff to do all these things week after week even when business is slow. Modular home builders only use the factory’s services when they need them. No overhead.

The next time you get discouraged with your factory, remember that they are there to help on a minute’s notice and don’t charge you anything (maybe a small fee for engineering) until you sign the contract with your client.

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