Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Utah Modular Home Factory Specializes in Multi-Million Dollar Homes

Irontown Homes in Spanish Fork, Utah, has been building houses since 1984, but in the mid 1990s, they started doing custom prefab designs. There are about 30 floor plans to choose from, and each can be changed and upgraded at the homebuyer’s request. The company is one of three in the western U.S. doing high-end, prefab homes. They’ve placed homes everywhere from Montana to Silicon Valley. Most of the homes that Irontown builds end up in California.

The construction begins in Irontown’s 58,000 square foot facility in Spanish Fork. It takes about 15-weeks to get the homes about 90 percent complete, both inside and out. The completed homes are a series of modules, all connected together once delivered to its permanent “home”.

Irontown builds about a dozen of these custom homes a year. For now, business is good. The challenge, however, is changing the public image of what a “prefab” home is.

This video will give you an inside the factory view of how these big custom multi-million dollar homes are built.


Thomas Craig, PE said...

Irontown does build some nice homes. In a previous post, you disparaged their construction techniques, i.e. building on cribs. Similar to Blu Homes, low volume high sell price; how do you justify mocking one and blinding pasting information for the other. Shouldn’t you help promote the industry in its many facets?

Coach said...

It's interesting to note that I have written almost 20 articles about Irontown Homes over the years and have given them creds many times for their outstanding homes.

As for Blu Homes.....well, they're unique and let it go at that.