Thursday, April 23, 2015

Great Opportunity Ahead for Modular Home Factories and Builders

If you are a modular home builder or in factory management, you’re probably over 40 years old. The vast majority of you probably own a home that has the required 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths with a large family room and a nice kitchen.

But those things don’t really appeal to the new Millennial home buyers that are single and want to remain that way for some time. Singles now make up almost 30% of all new home purchases.

Over the last half-century in America, it's become acceptable, then increasingly common, then entirely unremarkable, to live alone. Women who once lived with their families until their wedding day now live alone. Men delaying marriage later into their 20's live alone. Divorcees, more common today than in 1950, live alone. And seniors who live longer now than ever before — and who are less likely to spend those years in a retirement home — increasingly live alone, too.

Sadly, they do not want to live in single family detached homes. Many of them prefer urban settings where they can share restaurants, bars and other social events. They want no-maintenance homes which means no grass to cut, no sidewalks to shovel and no leaky roof to repair.

Kitchens will become “heat and eat” centers featuring a microwave as the primary cooking appliance with a stove backup. Gathering areas will be a must as will 1 or 2 bedrooms, one of which they immediately transform into an office/workspace.

Multistory apartment units, hopefully built by modular home factories and set and finished by modular home builders may prove the most efficient way to build them.

The single person population is running higher today than ever before at almost 60% in major cities. The majority of these singles can afford to live by themselves but are forced to share space with other singles because nobody is building enough new units to allow them their independent freedoms.

Now take a look at this growing trend and try to find a way to satisfy this need within your market area. You will reap the profits of becoming involved in solving this problem.

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