Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The 1% Achievement

Back in 2007 I began writing this blog while I was a Sales Rep for Vic DePhillip’s Signature Homes. At first I just shared it with my own assigned builders but it has grown over the next 8 years to where it is now the most widely read blog devoted to the modular housing industry.  

Recently I learned that Modular Home Builder blog is in the Top 1% of all industrial blogs in the world. These blogs cover everything from automobile factory blogs to people writing about fertilizer manufacturing. There are even industrial blogs about Yogurt production. Who knew?

Even my visitor demographics has changed in 8 years. No longer are the vast majority of visitors from within the industry. Today almost 50% of my visitors are women, ages 25-35 years old, reading my blog from home on their tablet. These are new home buyers searching for information about modular homes and I am so happy they are finally learning the real story of modular homes through my blog.

This could never have been achieved without faithful readers like you. You have supported my efforts by sending me articles that you think others would love to read concerning modular housing, giving me great ideas and home pictures and lastly with your financial support to help me continue my efforts instead of having to work as greeter at WalMart. I am so grateful to every single one of you and I hope to continue to earn your trust for many years to come.

So, "Thank You" for everything, my friends!


Anonymous said...

No, thank you.

Mike Younus said...

The numbers tell a story we have known for a while. Your passion for our industry plus experience and knowledge gained in the trenches equals success; a mini-version of the American Dream in my opinion.
I join Anonymous and hopefully many others in saying THANK YOU

TN MODULAR said...

Very informative information thru the years
It diffently helped me understand the modular industry and made me more productive as a retailer

Kerri Kondisko said...

Congratulations Gary, we appreciate your efforts on behalf of the modular home industry. Keep up the great work!

Harris - Finish Werks said...

Cheers Gary!