Monday, April 27, 2015

Unique Modern Simplex Modular Home Heading To Freeport

The Hamptons are coming to Freeport this summer – well, at least some Hamptons Luxury.

East Coast Dormer, New York’s leading name in modular building has teamed up with Simplex Industries, the leading national name in modular construction and design, to bring an ultra-modern, iPad controlled, one of a kind GREEN modular home to Freeport.  

The Simplex Green Build Cabin, an architecturally designed 810 square foot luxury vacation home will be on display at East Cost Dormers satellite location along 70 Sunrise Highway Freeport, NY 11520 all summer.

Designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture of New York City, the Simplex Green Build Cabin was featured at the Green Build Show in Philadelphia as an example of an ultra-luxury, environmentally conscious getaway home.

“The Simplex Green Build Cabin is a beautiful loft design dedicated to luxury, energy conservation and the use of Green building materials,” said Scott Boerckel, President of East Coast Dormer.  “We are proud to have the exclusive opportunity to bring this amazing vacation home to the region.”

According to Dave Mertz, Vice President of Sales for Simplex, the Simplex Green Build Cabin is very special, “ This is the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly home we have ever built that does not make any concessions when it comes to luxury living.  There’s even a kitchen a chef would envy!”

Mertz said a brief list of some of the GREEN features of the home include:
  • Sustainable Bamboo flooring
  • Radiant floor heat
  • High Efficiency Energy Saving Windows
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Recycled materials
  • Low-flow plumbing
  • PEX tubing for domestic water lines.
  • Cedar Siding
  • Energy Saving and environmentally friendly spray foam insulation

Scott Boerckel of East Coast Dormer says the home is surprisingly spacious, “Every inch of the 810 square feet in this home has been well thought out from an architectural standpoint. There’s absolutely no wasted space and that gives this home a very large, very comfortable feel.”  
Scott went on to say The Green Build Cabin must be experienced first-hand to understand how spacious and truly architecturally significant the home is while staying true to being environmentally friendly.  “We invite anyone thinking about a really special second home, vacation home, or who may be interested in building a custom modular home or an addition to stop by and tour this amazing house. You have never seen a home like this.”

Scott Boerckel went on to say The Green Build Cabin could be used as a stand-alone home, or it could tie-into his specialty of building second story modular additions.   The builder says the Simplex Green Build Cabin is coming at a perfect time as Freeport has just adapted new regulations that allow for those with concrete basements to seal those basements off after installing flood vents and to then add a second story addition.  This new rule allows a homeowner to have additional space while complying with regulations to raise homes to help prevent future flood damage.   “I see those with modern homes using The Simplex Green Build Cabin to safeguard their homes against future damage while getting the environmentally friendly, luxury home of their dreams,” said Scott Boerckel.

East Coast Dormer’s place in New York’s Modular Building Community was established over 20 years ago.  The company is well known as a high quality builder of second story modular additions as well as full construction of modular homes.

Simplex Industries was founded over four decades ago, and like East Coast Dormer, remains a family owned and operated company.  Simplex has won just about every major design and building award in the modular industry and is widely known for its emphasis on high quality construction.

Like East Coast Dormer, all Simplex construction takes places in climate controlled facilities.  This insures a home or commercial structure is never exposed to the elements during construction, cutting down the opportunity for mold and other issues that can arise during construction.

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