Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What We Need is a Modular Housing Hall of Fame

It’s not often that you will hear me say that what the modular housing industry needs is a Hall of Fame just like the manufactured housing people have.

Yes, there really is an Recreational Vehicle/Manufactured Housing Heritage Foundation located in where else but Elkhart, IN. Today is called the RV/MH Hall of Fame.

This 100,00 sq museum features a variety of recreation vehicles dating back 100 years and continuing through the 1980s. The oldest vehicle on display is a 1913 Earl Travel Trailer and is the oldest surviving specimen known. The museum is divided into areas that highlight key events in the history of RV’s, such as the introduction of the first microwave oven, the first indoor toilet and other features. Vehicles from the 1980s on are displayed at the Go RVing exhibition hall, within walking distance of the museum.

1958 Platt 10 x 45 home

Even though I’m not sure how many single and double wides are on display, there are enough RVs displayed to keep you there for hours.

Here are some of the historic RVs on Display.

GMC Motorhome - A Classic

Mae West's 1931 Chevrolet Housecar

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