Friday, May 29, 2015

Eco-Craft Homes Builds Classroom of the Future

Finding new niches, exploring new technologies and reaching beyond the ordinary homes built by most modular home builders is the norm for Elliot Fabri and his son, Elliot, Jr.

Their company, Eco-Craft Homes, was started on the idea that home buyers may not know enough about green, sustainable and energy efficient homes but after learning how their homes saves energy and helps the environment, people will want their homes. And want them they do!

Here is their latest project as shared by TecHome Builder:

A tree starts as a seed. The same is true for children, and the analogy works for building homes, too. It all starts at the foundation.

When the Sustainable Education Every Day (SEED) Collaborative planned to build a sustainable classroom for the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, they contacted EcoCraft Homes, a custom modular home builder in Bridgeville, Penn.

They knew that EcoCraft had the expertise needed to create an actual green space where children could learn about green building. The builder was more than on board with the project and completed it in five months.

The SEED classroom is one of two similar projects in existence in the United States.

“It’s designed to be a living learning science classroom to provide a different healthy learning environment for the kids,” says Elliot Fabri, Jr., vice president of EcoCraft Homes.

Built to the Living Building Challenge standards, the classroom features nontoxic materials, generates energy using photovoltaics, uses greenwalls to grow plants, and collects and recycles rainwater—many features that custom homebuilders are incorporating into new homes.

“It’s technically connected to the grid, but it could be a standalone off-grid building with all sustainable materials,” Fabri says.

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Has EcoCraft opened a factory? If yes - where?