Friday, May 22, 2015

May Builder Breakfast a Fantastic Success

To say I was a little nervous about moving the Monthly Builder Breakfast from Frederick, MD to Lewisburg, PA would be an understatement. But my apprehension was misplaced as reservations came rolling in and in fact there was an overflow of people wanting to attend.

Milt Stoltzfus

Builders and factory people from all over the area showed up, had a great buffet and then settled in to listen to two speakers, Milt Stoltzfus, manager of the PA Industrialized Housing Program bringing us up to date on our industry’s impact not only in PA but also throughout the entire East Coast and Rick Terry, a HERS rater who owns Eco-Haven, a consulting company.

Rick Terry
Rick spoke on the thousands of dollars builders are leaving on the table simply because they are not aware it is there simply for the asking. When I asked him how many modular builders are actually taking advantage of state Energy and Green programs, he guesstimated at only 10%.

If you would like to know more from them, you can contact Milt at and Rick can always be reached at

Next month’s speaker is Andy Gianino, owner of The Home Store in New England and author of the most widely read book on modular construction, The Modular Home. He is outspoken about his love for this industry and wants to share his ideas for improving it on several fronts including factory/builder relations, marketing and building a “better” builder.

It was also announced yesterday that I will be having an all day seminar for builders and factory people featuring professionals talking on contract law, better mortgage preparation, extended warranty coverage you may be overlooking and lastly, a fresh, new approach to marketing our industry. Keep your September calendars ready to reserve the date when it is announced.

I want to personally thank everyone that attended my first Builder Breakfast in Lewisburg and judging by the emails I’ve received, this is now the permanent home for my Builder Breakfasts.

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