Friday, May 15, 2015

PFS Corporation and Timberco Merged

 "Together again, for the first time."  That's the way to describe the May 1st merger of PFS Corporation and Timberco, Inc. (TECO), two third-party certification agencies that have been linked for almost 25 years.  PFS and TECO have been headquartered in the Madison, Wisconsin, area since 1992, at times working out of the same building but never being part of the same company. 

PFS Corporation's Jim Husom and TECO's Steve Winistorfer sign the documents to finalize the merger.  

On May 1, 2015, Jim Husom, President and CEO of PFS Corporation, and Steve Winistorfer, President and CEO of TECO, signed papers merging the two companies.  In announcing the merger, Husom commented, "This merger combines what have been two well-respected and successful companies into one; and as one, we’ll be able to provide even more effective and efficient service to our existing clients and grow our business more than we could individually.”  Added Winistorfer, “One of my goals when I purchased TECO almost two years ago was to make this merger happen. Now that it has, I am even more excited about the future and for what we will be able to do together.” 

The two companies together provide testing and certification services for more than a dozen different building products, including engineered wood products like LVL, I-joists, and glued laminated timber; plus SIPs (structural insulated panels), OSB (oriented strand board), softwood and hardwood plywood, metal-plate connected wood trusses, adhesives, pre-cast concrete panels, hearth products, and construction fasteners for approximately 500 manufacturing plants.  The laboratories perform structural tests, durability tests, formaldehyde emissions tests, and some fire tests.  The PFS Manufactured Structures Division provides design approval and factory inspections to over 120 HUD Code and modular building factories in 39 states and Canada.  The companies together have offices in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, California, Oregon, and Wisconsin. They operate test facilities in Oregon and Wisconsin.  World-wide they operate in Canada, Europe, South America, Russia, China, and Japan.

The combined company’s most unique project is TECO’s on-going work with Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Safety and Health Advisory Committee.  The committee commissioned a group of experts in 2008 to study and recommend improvements for the perceived high rate of multiple-piece bat failures (MPFs).  TECO has been involved with the implementation of the MLB Bat Supplier Program since 2009, with the goal of improving safety on and off the field through the reduction of MPFs.  The program has been successful over the last seven regular seasons, with a roughly 65% reduction in the MPF rate from the 2008 to 2014 season.

Both Husom and Winistorfer agree that TECO is a great fit with PFS and that the combined companies will allow streamlining of operations and the implementation of a best practices approach to how business is done.  What’s more, the combination of resources and talent will offer current clients and prospects alike a wider spectrum of services “under one roof.”

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