Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pleasant Valley Homes, a Smooth Operator

Last week I was invited by Nick Fanelli of Pleasant Valley Homes / Pine Grove Homes to attend their annual Builders Days. This was my first time there since the new factory was built after a flood wiped out the older plant in Pine Grove, PA.

I have to clarify something for my readers. Pleasant Valley Homes builds true modular homes and Pine Give Homes builds manufactured homes and they are built in the same factory on the same production lines. Having started my modular sales career at the Champion factory in Claysburg, PA, where both types were built on the same line, mostly with problems when the workers had to change hats from building a HUD home to a modular home, I was a little apprehensive about seeing this factory’s production line.

Any fears from my previous experience were put to rest almost from the time I walked into the factory. There was a seamless feel about the differences. Workers instinctively knew what type house they were working on. It helps when the standards of their HUD homes was raised almost to the same high standards as their modular homes. A smooth operation to say the least.

(standing) Harris Woodward, Finish Werks and Nick Fanelli, PVH

Not one but two CNC cutters working full time on the production floor

Walking through their model homes on display and there are plenty of them, you get the feeling of a tough, heavy, well built home.

I toured the homes and the factory with Nick Fanelli and Harris Woodward, owner of Finish Werks, a custom modular home builder, and we were both impressed with their workmanship and solid feel of their homes.

My hat is off to the Fanelli family for pulling off something that rarely is successful; building HUD and modular on the same production line.

I almost forgot about lunch and dinner. Lunch was served in a huge tent in the model home area and featured lots of great food and desserts. "Nick, the turtle brownies were Great!!!"

When it came time for dinner, Wayne Fanelli, the captain of Pleasant Valley/Pine Grove empire, pulled out all the stops with a 4 course meal that was amazing.

They also have a secret weapon in their factory, the Quality Assurance Manager, John Roberts. John is 70+ and works harder than people half his age. You can tell he absolutely loves these homes and couldn’t stop talking about them.

What was even better, it turned out that he and I lived in Bellefonte, PA in the ‘70’s and we talked about all the wonderful things that happened there.

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