Tuesday, May 12, 2015

West Coast Modular Factory Owner Doing It All Wrong or Is He?

One of the hallmarks of modular housing is that the home is built off site in a factory. What if a modular manufacturer that has built over 2,600 modular homes does it without a factory but rather out in the open where it can rain and snow and the wind howls like crazy?

Built out in the weather - check the water on the ground!

Timberland Custom Modular Homes in Auburn, Washington is doing just that. I really don't have anything to say other than it works for him.
Timberland Homes has built superior quality yet competitively priced homes for 40 years. Our organization makes a point when working with clients to streamline the building process in order to provide the best value for our customers. Our mission statement is to “build an excellent home, on budget, on time every time”.
 How do we do this? By controlling the construction process. Each home is built in transportable modules. The homes are conventionally framed and placed on a full foundation or basement. By centralizing the construction at our Auburn, WA location we can guarantee our price, then deliver a home in 50% less time than a site built home.
We are so confident of our process that we back it up with a 15 year structural warranty, the best in the building industry – nationwide. 
Thanks for considering our company for your next home.
Dave Mckim
Watch the Video and ask yourself if he is doing it wrong?

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